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when Sight is predominant,
Thought is a Visual Image

Cedar smoke causes a human to dream,

and Red Cedar cures tuberculosis

A bright and dark drawing,
lines on a chart,
a surface in motion,
the way water covers the world

Fingernails grow faster on the dominant hand

White willow manages fever and eases head pains

Roses are good for inflamed brains
and Sweet Apples comfort the heart

human, human mouth, tongue is a spoon,

Explains Beauty as Light,

St Francis trudging in a field of molecules

(Old man, his old mouth,
his old tongue is going to dust,

his yellow beak and shadow)

sick as a dog, yet he can see up his own nose

pain like a helmet wraps his head, vibrates across his teeth
like tiny animals in the distance

and Mandragore, it is good for pain,
but stupefies the senses

Valerian relaxes the body and relieves anxiety

I was lying

(when I said he had a yellow beak,
he had no yellow parts)

Animal nerves are hollow, from the brain
they descend to the very limits of Vision

Roses are good for inflamed brains

"although we are often lost in flesh
life that has no remembering

A drop of warm urine in the ear cures earache

ah blood ah blood, our hands burn off the days
in dark we stretch our eyes wide

Asparagus root relieves toothache

past sorrow ashless flames here

there was no desiring at all to be ridd of it

and Sweet Apples comfort the heart

in flesh tempt your lips, return myself

your Red mouth against my life"

death is hidden with love,

and death is homeless

but your dream in your mouth is as solid as teeth

sew sew with a hot needle
don't drop your candy